About this dude.

My name’s David, but that’s not reason enough to listen to me. I’ve figured out that I Sorta Know stuff so I’m just using this to keep track of stuff I learn everyday. This is not a diary.

Just so you know. I just thought Hey since your anti-social self spends so much time online with your laptop, why don’t you type shii you do down…more like git commits..

Now some serious stufff

I’m a web and mobile developer and a developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve nearly 3 years of experience in this field, which includes 1 year of professional experience. Currently, I design and develop world class Web and Mobile Applications. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship.

In my spare time, I’ll either be writing poetry (check them out TheBoyNamedMe.com) or making new friends on Facebook.

I basically just ripped that off my Portfolio site