About Me

I’m a full-stack mobile developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve nearly 6 years of experience in this field, which includes 4+ years of professional experience working with IITA , Cellcore Nigeria , Vasitidotcom, Tuteria and Murcul. I currently lead the Mobile development team at Cowrywise

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In my spare time, I’ll either be writing poetry (check them out Theboynamedme.com) or making new friends on Twitter. You got an Interesting project you'd like to talk about? email me at contact@davidmadethis.com


Android Development/ Windows UWP

Bootstrap / Angular 2/4/5 / Material Design

Django / Flask

JavaEE / Spring / Structs 2

JavaScript / Node Js / MeteorJs


In addition, I have vast knowledge on version control systems such as Github, GitlabThe 2019 roundup of your money moves, and CI systems such as Travis CI and Gitlab-CI Also, I have a very good knowledge on AWS, Digital Ocean, Gcloud, Heroku , Firebase and Docker. I'm comfortable working with teams and working solo


A Javafx Library for building MVC Applications. Star
Farmtinz.com.ng is a young and commited agriculture based online shopping company
Compare The Markets
Compare the Markets(CTM) is a Nigerian app that helps to compare retail prices of market products. The app will give you prices for four(4) Lagos markets at the moment namely; Mile12, Ketu, Oyingbo and Iddo markets.
QuizMaster helps you create and present multiple choice quizzes. Its available for android phones and Windows Desktop.
Motor Vehicle Registration Information Search Portal Library for python Star
A Carpool Social network that helps users get around easily and also make friends while doing it
Send Quick Templated emails (with CV) to different companies Star
Curricula is a user-based monitoring app used to track the course outline and improve class interaction by updating an after-class feedback on each course that was treated.. Star
An Android Social Network For Hungry-Broke People. A work in progress Star
OVIWCE Website
OVIWCE is a non-governmental organization caring for Orphans, Widows, Women and Children, and the less privileged on a global scale.
Cowrywise Android app
Cowrywise helps Nigerians save and invest money online. We are a secure savings and investment platform to grow your wealth.
Cowrywise Round up
The 2019 roundup of user's money moves
Fancy Portfolio